Teach by Magic

Educational School Assemblies that use magic will have everyone on board! Greg Zelnik has written books on education and magic. His educational school assembly is fun, interactive and engaging. He uses puppetry, music, storytelling and magic to have everyone amazed. Here is a list options to teach you students with magic.

Now You Can Teach By Magic!

Teach By magic is a fun and exciting way to:

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  • Get students attention
  • Make lessons more memorable
  • Reward good behaviour
  • Review past material
  • Build a positive rapport with students

-Learn how to make a pencil float as you teach about gravity
-Slice a banana without peeling it to practice addition
-Teach recycling by turning an old newspaper into a tree
-Make a star with a single cut as yo study American history
-Teach fractions by making four quarters appear from a dollar bill
-Instantly turn water into ice in an unforgettable science lesson
-Challenge your students to step through a hole cut in a postcard
-Solve the mystery of the Bermuda Square
-And much, much, more…

You have thee options for you to teach by magic. You can use one, two, or all three.

1. Teacher In-service – Learn how teaching by magic can make your lessons more memorable. Learn the basic concepts and understandings and rules of magic. Learn first hand several of the more popular tricks and the lessons that go with them. Learn how to make the lessons more fun for your students. Learn how to get creative on your own.

2. Teach By Magic Book – This book contains 35 puzzles and tricks and nearly 100 lessons. Obviously some of the tricks have more than one lesson. The book is indexed by subject so that it is easy to find tricks for the lessons you want to teach. The book is available for $14.95. Please e-mail or call on how to get copies for your school.

3. Teach By Magic Website – Has hundreds of videos (more and more being added all of the time) the teach you how to do the trick and the lesson that can be applied with that trick. Search functions enable you to search by trick name or lessons. This is a subscription website but, it is extremely affordable, only $24.00 per year. You can SAVE 50% OFF your first year by following this link http://www.teachbymagic.com?r=7WO

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will help in any way that I can.