Tales From Beyond

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[column size=”1-2″ style=”1″]
[/column] [column size=”1-2″ last=”1″ style=”1″] Give your students with a program that capture their attention, engage their imagination and have them wondering what really happned as they listen to true stories from out past that some interesting twists.

From a collection of old photographs, you will determine who lived and died on the Titanic. By reading an old book, you will discover evidence from the Lizzie Borden murder. With pin in hand, you will seek the truth about a voodoo doll and its victim. Part Pseudo-Psychometry, part Mystic Mentalism, part Bizarre Storytelling, and part just plain all out creepy fun.

Tales from Beyond is just what you need to give your mind (and your goosebumps) an exciting trip into experiencing the unknown.