Capture the Magic for River Gate

capture-the-magicThank for moving forward with Capture the Magic! I am excited to be able to help your school, help the community and give your students and families awesome presentations. It is really neat when we can put pieces together so that everyone wins.

This page is just for River Gate Elementary. It contains everything that you need for a successful event. I am here to help and want this to be a success for you school and the community.  If you need anything please feel free to ask.




Time table:

Friday 10/21 Letter 1 goes home with students
Monday 10/24 Begin Morning Announcements
Wednesday 10/26 Make a Splash Assembly Program
Wednesday 10/26 Letter 2 goes home with students
Wednesday 10/26 Coloring sheet to students after assembly for FREE ticket drawing
Thursday 10/27 Collect ticket money for the Capture the Magic show
Friday 10/28 Last morning announcement and last day for pre-sale tickets. Coloring sheets should be on display
Friday 10/28 The big show. Be prepared for lots of fun.



10/24 – Do you know what the Capture the Magic show is?  You will find out this Wednesday October 26th.

10/25 – If you don’t know what the Capture the Magic show is, find the letter you took home to your parents last week.

10/26 – A lot of you have been asking who or what the Capture the Magic show is all about, and you will find out about it today in the Make a Splash Assembly.

10/27 – What do you think it’s like to “FLOAT IN MID AIR?” Find out tomorrow night when you have lots of fun at Zelnik’s Capture the Magic show. If you forgot your ticket money today, you have one more day to remember.

10/28 – TONIGHT IS THE SHOW NIGHT! Last chance to buy you tickets for Zelnik’s Capture the Magic Show. If there are any tickets left, they will be sold at the door tonight for $1.00 more. There will lots of exciting surprises at the Capture the Magic show!  SEE YOU THERE!


10/21 – Letter one goes home with the students. Below is the letter already done for you.  All that need to be done is print and give to the students to take home.
river-gate-letter-1  letter-1 (word document)

10/26 – Letter 2 goes home with the students.  After the assembly everyone will be excited to return for the family night magic show. Ensure that the students bring home letter 2 on this day.

river-gate-letter-2   letter-2  (word document)

10/26 – Coloring sheet to students afte the assembly. We will give away one free ticket to each classroom. This will also help build the excitement.