Make a Splash
Bullying Prevention

What happens when Sammy the Seal will not come out to perform for the waiting audience? Animal Trainer Zelnik, from Ocean World, will have to find a way. As always he will need the help from members of the audience as we learn about bullying prevention, animals from the ocean, and character.

“Greg Zelnik offers a fun time for the kids, including recommending books for them to read along with character traits for them to follow. He does each one with magic and just makes it fun for the kids.”
Karen Williams; West Davidson Public Library



Holiday Express
Diversity and Winter Festivals

A magical train ride visiting winter festivals around the world. Holiday Express is filled with comedy, puppetry, music, magic, and child participation but, will also touch your heart. This program is excellent for the holiday season and even into the New Year. The Polar Express is a book most are familiar with and Holiday Express parallels as we visit many of the winter festivals around the world.

“Greg’s personality and his ability to engage the audience is awesome.”
Joanne Schwartz; Goose Creek Primary



Get A Clue

Everyone loves a good mystery. Why not combine that with a love for books. Get A Clue does just that. This is a fun program with a patriotic theme. Uncovering the clues to solve the mystery is just the beginning to this educationally significant program. We will also uncover many aspects of good citizenship. This program gets the best response from both the students and the teachers.

“Greg makes it easy. He entertains and educates and has a wonderful ability to “read” his audience.”

Rene Thompson; Dilworth Elementary



Catch the Bug
Going Green

An exciting advneture that will take your studnets on a journey that will teach them about Reducing, Re-using, Recycling and Composting. Going Green has never been so fun.

Going Green is a very hot topic right now. When you combine it with story telling, magic and audience participation, you can’t go wrong. This is your chance to do your part for our environment and have fun at the same time. Catch the Bug has been very popular because of the content and because Carolina Zelnik looks like he should be in a movie. This fun filled program will have the children learning and laughing and thinking of ways to keep the planet green.

“Great program for all ages – educational and entertianing – all in one fun program!”
Beverly Litke; China Grove Elementary

“Greg’s Program was educational across subject areas and the children are still talking about it.”
Betsy Painter; Saluda Elementary



Be Creative
Self Esteem

Everyone can benefit from healthier self esteem. Now you and your students can learn effective self esteem building techniques in a fun and entertaining way.

It is coming down to the wire and everything needs help; the music, the dance, the drama and the art. Director Zelnik must find a way to get everything finished so that the show can go on.





Dragon Dreams
Character Education

A Character Education Program that will engage your students and have them looking at their behavoir in a whole new light.

Character Education is still a hot topic. Most elementary schools have a character trait for the each month. This program was designed around the six pillars of character education. Presenting character education in a different style will reinforce what is being taught in your school.

“Very Enthusiastic! A great way to promote reading and character education.”
Eunice Scanty; Palmetto Elementary



Talk to the Animals

Children are always fascinated with animals. Talk to the Animals is one of the more popular programs for this reason. For 45 minutes the children will explore animals and their environments while helping Dr. DoMuch on his journey. This program is packed with child participation. The children will be having so much fun they will not even realize they are learning.

“The magic brings out the science and the students do not even realize they are learning.” Kim Schultheiss; Erwin Montessori

“What stands out most is the connection to the curriculum. The music at the beginning peaked their interest. Everything went well together.”
Toni Heckman; Tigersville Elementary

Also a Great Program for Science Night!