Make a Splash

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High Energy, Fast Paced, Fun and Entertaining Bully Prevention Assembly Program that will leave your students with an easy to remember solution to help prevent bullying.

Make a Splash dives into a very hot topic in schools right now. While waiting for Sammy the Seal to perform his tricks we learn about different types of bullying, why people bully, how to reduce bullying in a simple three step process, and helping friends that are bullied. This very important message is delivered in such a fun way the children have a blast and of course they love Sammy the Seal.

“Greg gave us a great show! The children learned about bullying prevention while having a great time. You made your point without being preachy.”
Wendy Giucici; Elkin Public Library

“While everyone enjoyed the magic and humor of the show, I was pleased that Greg continued to incorporate books into his program that would inspire the children to read.”
Lorene Dennis; Orangeburg County Library

Excuses to have this program are:

  • Bully Prevention Week/ Month – October
  • Ocean or water theme
  • Seal theme
  • Animal Tricks theme