Get a Clue

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When Inspector Magic can’t find his partner Clue (the brains of the team) everyone gets involved in the mystery of the missing Clue. Everyone enjoys a good mystery and you won’t be disappointed here. Zelnik once again brings comedy, storytelling, child participation, magic, puppetry and music to this program to make learning and reading fun.

Social Sciences are important part of school curriculum. Get A Clue investigates many aspects of good citizenship, including rules and laws, three branches of government, the Declaration and the Constitution, Responsible Citizenship, and the naturalization process. Never before has learning citizenship been so much fun.

“Greg is most entertaining as well as informative. He ties in books and the magic of reading throughout his program. As one of our students described him: “He is awesome!””
Debbie Youngman; Dillard Elementary

“Zelnik is truly a great magician – he weaves his magic into books and lessons that engage and entertain students. A must see!”
Julie Toole; Kelly Edwards Elementary

Greg Zelnik offers the funniest, most entertaining yet educational programs in North Carolina and South Carolina. His programs are high enegry, captivating and effective.

Looking for an excuse to have this program?

  • Constitution Day – September.
  • Citizenship Character trait for the month
  • Mystery theme
  • Detective theme
  • Dog or Bassett Hound theme