Win-Win for Schools!


Now Your School Can Have:

Amazing Assembly Shows . . . for FREE

Fantastic Family Enrichment Night . . . for FUN

Thou$ands of Dollars . . . for FUNDING!

And Raise Food for Local Food Banks

All in Only 3 Days!!!

This may sound too good to be true, But it is not. Please keep reading.

When you look to create a truly win/win/win scenario where everyone involved is happy and ecstatic then that is the perfect situation. This system has been tested over and over again. It has been proven to be a winning combination and is now available to elementary schools in and around Charlotte, NC.

And Super Easy!

  • Students and teachers win because they get an amazing and fun educational assembly program that introduces and reinforces what is being taught in the schools.
  • The Schools Win because they are getting much needed funding to go to whatever worthy cause they need.
  • The families win because they get fantastic and incredible night of fun for less than going to a first run movie.
  • The community wins because we are raising awareness and food for families in need.

    It does not get better than that!

Day 1 – FREE Assembly program for the students. The schools now have 9 different assembly programs to choose from to fit theme and or content. Every program is guaranteed to capture and engage the students while at the same time promote reading and deliver educational significant information.

Day 2 – Get excited about a Fantastic night of Fun with the Family. This is where the students and their families buy the tickets for an evening of amazing, remarkable and mind-blowing magic that is fun for everyone. We will get to see one lucky student get suspended in mid-air, someone from the administration disappear, and a parent or staff member and come up and perform some hilarious magic.

Day 3 – Enjoy a fun-filled LIVE show! Zelnik has been performing magic full-time for more than 10 years and has captivated literally hundreds of thousands of people both young and not so young. His show has been described as “Great magic”, “Amazing”, “the most I have laughed in a long time”.

This may be the easiest thing that you will do all school year!!

This Offer is Limited!
Due to the way this is set up we can only fit in a small number of schools per year.

Reserve Your Spot today!

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