Catch the Bug

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The Reading Bug has the secret to becoming a super reader. This is one of the most valuable powers to have and could be worth millions! There are many who would love to have this power and keep it to themselves. The adventure is to find and capture the Reading Bug before it falls into the hands of the evil Captain Video Box.

“Carolina” Zelnik will lead the children on the adventure but will need their help to follow trails, uncover hidden clues, solve riddles and be prepared for anything. Books, storytelling, magic, music, comedy and child participation will all be apart of this adventure. Along the way we will also learn many aspects of keeping our planet green by reducing, reusing, recycling and composting. This fun filled adventure will have the children laughing, learning and being environmentally aware.

“Mr. Zelnik captured the students’ attention with his magic and humorous approach to teaching informational facts.”
Carolyn Little; Oak Hill Elementary

“It was educational and Funny! You were GREAT!”
Tiffani Dallas; Sharon Elementary

Some excuses to have the program at your school:

  • Earth Day (could be Earth Week or Earth Month – April)
  • Bug Theme
  • Recycling Theme