Be Creative

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[/column] [column size=”1-2″ last=”1″ style=”1″] It is coming down to the wire and everything needs help, the music, the dance, the drama and the art. Director Zelnik must find a way to get everything finished so that the show can go on. Not afraid to ask for the help of your students, we search for the needed answers.

Children who are actively involved in activities such as the arts have shown a higher level of self esteem as compared with children who are not involved in activities. Be Creative takes a look at the arts and also incorporates and practices self esteem building techniques as well. Combining puppetry, magic, storytelling and music Zelnik will engage, entertain and help build a more positive self esteem.

“Greg’s program was high energy and engaging – very motivating.”
Martha Waters: Boiling Springs Intermediate

You want Be Creative at your school because:

  • Arts Day – April
  • National Self Esteem Month – February
  • Music theme
  • Art theme
  • Drama theme
  • Dance theme
  • Theatre theme
  • Bee theme