Staying Positive for Schools

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First, welcome back!  I hope that you are refreshed and ready to tackle a new year.

We are all faced with challenges on a daily basis.  Some bigger than others.  Often the bigger challenges can affect our mood and our outlook.  Most challenges are just that challenges and we need to keep that in mind when they come beating us over the head.

A couple of months ago, while exercising I fell and broke my wrist, seriously enough that I had to have surgery to heal properly.  I had to cancel two school programs and another show over the weekend.  This is the first time in my career that I had to cancel a program.  In addition to the real inconvenience of a broken wrist was the loss of income and the added expense of the doctor bills that insurance was not going to cover.  All said the broke wrist was going to set me back at $3000 plus the headache of how to perform with a splint.

If I let myself think about this it became very discouraging, almost depressing.  I chose however, to accept what happened and focus on doing the best I could moving forward.  I focused on my recovery and healing quickly and to the best of my ability.  I focused on how I was going to perform the nearly 30 shows coming up in the next few weeks in a way that was not going to affect the audience.  In essence I was focusing on the positives.  I was focusing on the things that I could control to accomplish what needed to get done.

We always have a choice on how we react to situations.  We can choose to let it bother us and make us angry or get us down.  Or we can choose to take a positive outlook and make the best of it.  Getting angry or upset is negative energy and will wear you out feeling tired at the end of the day.  Having an optimistic outlook is positive energy that will keep you going in the direction toward accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

It is definitely easier said than done.  Sometimes all that we need to do is remind ourselves to look at things through rose colored lenses. And that may be all it takes.  Other times we may need the help of others to lift us up.  I try to read motivational and inspirational words everyday.  This helps me keep the positive in the fore front of my mind, and that helps tremendously.

When we focus on the positive it does make things easier even if it not exactly what we ant to see.

Until next time, keep smiling and looking up.

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