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It is always nice to know that we are making a difference and the students are listening.

During the Holiday Express program we learn about the different winter holidays such as Hanukkah, Christmas and a few others such as New Year’s Day.  During the discussion of New Year’s we talk about making a new Year’s Resolution, a promise to yourself about something that you want to improve upon in the coming year.

After a recent visit, one of the fourth grade teachers had her class write a 3, 2, 1.  Three things that they like about the program, two things that they wanted to know more about and on goal or New Year’s resolution.

It was inspiring to me to read the responses.  Responses like:

“He gave us information while having fun”

“I liked the stories and the way he told them”

“It was inspiring”

“I liked how he followed his dream”

“I want to know more about the days of Kwanza”

“I want to learn more about the Earth”

“I want to learn more about other holidays”

“I want to learn more about the North Pole”

“I want to have all A’s and B’s on my report card”

“I want to improve my skiing skills”

“To get Straight A’s”

“My goal is to finish the Percy Jackson series.”

“I want to become a better reader”

These are just a few of the comments from the class.  It is a great feeling knowing that the students listened and absorbed much of the program and they had a blast all at the same time.  I can hardly wait until next December when the Holiday Express rolls out again.

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