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Making Fun With Magic | Greg Zelnik

Make Learning Fun with an “Aha” Moment!

My son, who is in second grade, is being considered for TD (talent development).  Yes I am his father but I think he is a bright kid.  He has mixed feeling on whether he wants to be in this class.  I believe that he understands that it would be a good opportunity.  The teacher that he has now,  makes learning fun… but the TD teacher,  just says “write a poem”.

Not that all learning needs to be a game.  His second grade teacher takes the time to get him going and give him the “aha” moments which then also makes the learning fun.  Kids want to learn no matter what they tell you but what they want more is to connect to something.

This is why I enjoy presenting the programs to students all over.  Almost all kids like magic.  When they find out that I will be presenting some magic, I have an instant connection.  When I get kids to come on stage and help, there is a stronger connection.  Their friends are more engaged, because their friend is on stage.

It is sometimes amazing to me how much of the educational content the students remember after an educational assembly program.  A lot of material is presented during a program in a fun way that they absorb it sometimes without even knowing it.

Kids want to learn! Create an “Aha Moment”! Contact us for details.

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