Inspiring and Interactive School Assemblies are great ways to Motivate and Educate!

Greg Zelnik‘s School Assemblies are interactive ways to educate and inspire students using music, storytelling, puppetry and magic. Having a school assembly program will motivate and educate! Below is one of many testimonials and an introduction video to Greg Zelnik, the Author, the Presenter and a Demonstrator on how to make education fun!

“Greg Zelnik offers a fun time for the kids, including recommending books for them to read along with character traits for them to follow.  He does each one with magic and just makes it fun for the kids.” ~ Karen Williams; West Davidson Public Library

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Finally- Elementary School Assembly Programs & Schools Shows That Are Guaranteed To Be Exciting, Educational And Effective!  Offering School Assembly Programs & School Shows In North Carolina, South Carolina Virginia and Georgia.

It is hard to find the right programs to bring to your school.  You want to make sure that the program is professional, educational, will engage the students and be worth taking the students out of the class for.  How do you know what to do next?

Imagine your student’s and fellow teacher’s reaction when Greg Zelnik takes the stage with his unique blend of comedy, puppetry, magic music, student involvement and educational content that is directly tied to your curriculum.

Thank you for choosing Greg Zelnik author and educational presenter to inspire and motivate your children to read.  Greg has been presenting educational programs throughout the Carolinas and Virginia.  His extensive research ensures that each program is educationally significant and tied to the curriculum and promises to be time well spent out of the class room.  You will find Greg personable, professional and highly engaging.

When you hire Greg Zelnik to present, you gain the peace of mind that only comes from hiring a true professional.

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